How can you go to Phoenix, Arizona and not have cowboy beans and a good steak? Well, it is possible if you only eat in the chain restaurants and order the usual. And all the while, you will be missing out on some of the best food around. Sometimes it takes a little extra looking to find those great little mom and pop diners, but they are out there and it is your chance to get a taste of the true flavor of the area. The best way to find where all the locals like to eat, is to ask. The next time you leave the hotel room to sightsee, ask the desk clerk where they eat if they want some real authentic cowboy food. You will be surprised because most people are more then glad to offer advice.

Don’t be afraid if the location is right in the middle of the local downtown businesses or a short drive out of town, because they are often hidden away and have been serving locals for years. You might feel like you stepped back into another world and maybe you have. This will usually be real home cooking and you will be surprised at how big the portions can be. But what do you expect after a full day out on the range, a tired cowboy likes his meals. So enjoy and try something new, you will be glad you did.


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