El Chorro Lodge is a lovely restaurant situated in Paradise City, a few miles southwest of Phoenix. The restaurant has a fascinating history: It was originally founded in 1934 as a school for its maker’s daughter (and known as the Judson School for Girls). Just three years later, the school was purchased and made into the restaurant and lodge that it has been ever since. The place soon became so famous that Milton Berle and Clark Gable both visited there. In 1973, Joe Miller, who had created the El Chorro bar twenty- one years earlier, purchased the lodge, thus giving the store its present form.

Many changes have been made to El Chorro over the years, such as expanding its capacity and extending the hours (it was formerly open only in summer). In fact, the restaurant is currently closed for renovations, and will remain so until August 16.

The menu includes many organic foods made from locally- grown ingredients. These include the unique El Chorro house salad, a mixture of organic vegetables with grilled citrus vinaigrette, and organic Caesar, with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and polenta croutons. For desert, they serve the “Arizona hot fudge sundae” made from postachio brittle.


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